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Tattoo, tattoo.

A Girl Gamer article showcased the bravest and most dedicated nerd getting an entire sleeve of gaming-related tattoos, which got me thinking that as much as I love my nerd culture, I’m not sure if I want to inked on my body.

If tattoos traditionally mark ones admission to a subculture and alternative/risky/artsy crowd, what do nerd tattoos mark? That we spend our weekends in dark rooms playing intense video games or spending hours in a D&D campaign, playing on a vinyl grid with all our might, or that we are awesome because we spend all our money on comics?

Is the elite nerd culture threshold so high that ink is the only marker of admission? Or, is this more of a ‘nerdier than thou’ exercise? Is the point more a nod to other nerds who will recognize the arm of iconography? Or is it to commemorate your favorite characters? As much as I love tattoos, this is one genre of body art that I simply don’t understand.

Despite my hand-wringing about adding corporate, albeit beloved, iconography to your body, there are some good nerd tattoos out there. Here are some of my favorites:

So what’s your take on ‘nerd’ tattoos? Am I being too harsh or old fashioned?

Link Love: Girl Gamer UK

SCHWING. Legos + beloved comic and gaming characters?! Sign us up!

The companion article posted on Girl Gamer UK is a veritable drool-fest. This is not at all surprising, as the site is a great aggregate for general new game info and related art culture. As an added bonus, we get a hint of differences in game release and marketing details from a European campaign.

While named Girl Gamer, there isn’t anything explicitly gendered about their coverage. For some, the lack of female voice is a good thing, as manufacturers and designers should not cater to what they think is their female audience. Additionally, it can be more inclusive for a wider audience.

For me, I wish there was a more tangible female perspective (which is part of the reason why I created this site). I think the more that game companies realize there is a consumptive female audience, the less likely they are to create derogatory female characters or games like Fat Princess and Leisure Suit Larry.

Perhaps I’m overly optimistic.

Yes, I’m definitely overly optimistic.

Happy Scott Pilgrim DVD day!

I don’t need to pontificate on the number of ways Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series is awesome and amazing and rad, right? I mean, Scott P., amirite? So good. Edgar Wright handled the series with finesse, and wisely included Bryan in the production of the film. It shows. It’s a glorious film, destined to be a cult classic for years and years and years.

Like a good nerd, I went to the midnight release at a local theater. And like a bad nerd, I pre-ordered the Blu-Ray version of the movie on Amazon eons ago. (Sorry local retailers! Really! But there aren’t any stores that sell DVDs in my area.)


Cubee Craft Scott totes approves.