Hello, my name is Serene, and I’m a pop culture addict. I’m also a military-boot-wearing, bell-hooks-loving, third wave feminist.

Sometimes these worlds of interest conflict and sometimes they don’t. So, ultimately I’m carving out this little corner of the ‘tubes to celebrate two apparently disparate worlds – the land of nerd culture and the Feminist Army (and she/his/hir allies).

I have spent many, many hours trying to bring these two places together. I have to believe there is a way I can celebrate my treasured cultural artifacts while satisfying my feminist needs. It’s not easy. There have been many movies that I hate on feminist principle, while my nerd brethren go apeshit for (see: 40 Year Old Virgin). Alternatively, my nerd friends may not understand why I want to spend an evening with Kate Bernstein discussing gender politics. So goes life.

What I hope is that if you took the time to read this introduction, you may identify or feel the same way. So, let’s be friends. I know there are more of us out there.

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  1. Hello, fellow feminist nerd! I found this blog in a fittingly nerdy fashion — searching recent tweets for ‘dungeon crawl’ to see if there was anybody else in the Twitterverse sharing the same compulsion I am right now. In the tab next door, I have Lipstick Feminists open.

    Just wanted to check in to say hey, you’re right, there are plenty of us out here. And I’m always down for making new friends. : )

    • Your kind words are music to my ears. Thanks for finding this site, and if you ever have anything fun to share, please do!

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