Auld Lang Syne

As 2010 winds to a close, Grrl Nerd headquarters in the Capitol Hill neck of the Seattle woods will go offline to get belchy from apple cider and fat from leftover pie. Before we bid you adieu and get our 2011 on, parting thoughts ought to be shared.

Thanks to the supportive readers who have been reading and sharing and commenting. The ultimate goal is for this to be a community site, not just a place for Serene. If you want to post, shoot me an email at [rad] at [grrlnerd dot com]. This party has room for more.

Also, rather than the bound-to-be-broken resolutions, here are a few goals we want to keep in mind for this upcoming year:

1. Go to more events

Liz Prince at Stumptown, 2007

There was once an era where cons, gallery openings, author events, and community celebrations were attended. And then, we got anti-social. 2011 will be a new leaf, one in which we go out and frolic with our nerd brethren. In the flesh.

2. Less non-fiction

(Self-explanatory. If you have good recommendations for contemporary fiction writers, please share!)

3. More beauty!

The world is a stunning place. With so many amazing pieces and stunning portfolio sites and means to buy works from artists directly, I hope to make this a year where we pay it forward to the struggling beauty makers of this world. We’ll try to share the information as come across it, either on this site or on Twitter or on Facebook. [shameless plug: follow us at all, natch]

4. Expand beyond Seattle

Suzzalo Library at UW

Since we are headquartered in one of the nerdiest cities in the United States, it’s hard to expand our horizon. We’ve got independent bookstores and comic shops and cafes and beautiful libraries for days. But, so does Portland and Vancouver and Albuquerque and Chicago and wherever you might live. I smell road trips.

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